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Despite their tough language the bloggers’ uniforms remain pajamas and underwear. The tougher ones probably wear no clothes at all. Sitting before their computers the naked armies of the night are intent on taking over the world………….

A 19-year-old girl who posted nude pictures of herself on the internet has set Singapore’s blogging community abuzz, but lawyers say she is probably not breaking any obscenity law in the conservative city-state.

Writing under the moniker Sarong Party Girl, her weblog details her life and numerous sexual escapades.

“If someone were to flash himself physically, it’s very clearly an obscene act,” lawyer Jonathan Kok told The Straits Times. “But on the internet, it’s a grey area.”

The girl, waiting to enter a university, has gathered a daily following of about 3000 readers since she started her blog in February last year.

“There is nothing wrong with having a nude picture of yourself published or on show, as long as there is an artistic value to it,” she told the newspaper. “These pictures were nice.”

She admitted however that the blog has been kept secret from her parents.


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NewsoftheWorld: SEXY soldier Katrina Hodge shows the weapons of mass distraction which make her a Miss England semi-finalist.
The serving Iraq heroine, dubbed Combat Barbie by troops, is competing with the backing of military chiefs.

Miss Tunbridge Wells Katrina, 21, was once laughed at for turning up for army basic training with pink luggage, pink coat and kitten heels.

But the sniggering had stopped by the time she won a commendation for bravery after wrestling TWO rifles from an Iraqi prisoner in Basra.

The lance corporal, who will be among 40 beauties battling it out for the title, said: “Girls in beauty pageants talk about wanting world peace but I’m out there trying to achieve peace for real.” Bet she gets plenty of atten-shun.

You bet, just ave a luuk……………

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Now there are obviously two questions:
One: we like babes because they are sexy, good looking, smart, have amazing curves and so and….
Two: we don’t like them as I have just managed to get this picture wrong again….

Now what do you think is the right answer for U?????

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You see, this time it wasn’t only me in the wrong place, or I must say, there were too many of us getting in the way so no one saw anything. A shame really as we all seem to be obsessed with seeing celebrities NAKED……………..


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